About Stray Funk Design

Stray Funk Design was established in Northern Ireland during the Covid19 lock-down in March 2020.

In between the dreaded home schooling and all the bread baking (latter not actually true, I couldn’t find yeast anywhere) and in order to save my slowly dwindling sanity, I started to play around with card design and designed a range of cards for a UK online card retailer. I initially did a search for Northern Irish cards and ‘no search results found’. What a tragedy I thought, the world needs to be enlightened with the wealth of humour in the Northern Irish language. The problem I also encountered was that some of my cards were not chosen, simply because some of our expressions are regionally unique.

Frustrated by this and limited to just card design, I wanted to expand the range of products I could offer, whilst having some fun with the designs so that I could bring them to the masses. And there at the Play Doh covered kitchen table, Stray Funk Design began.

What’s in a name? What is Stray Funk?

Stray Funk is whatever you want it to be, something unique that makes you celebrate who you are. Find your Stray Funk and when you do, set it free.

Why Candle making?

I’m obsessed with candles and you will always find a candle burning in my house. I love the beautiful smells and the sense of warmth that a candle brings to a house and that makes it a home, but I also wanted to have a bit of fun and put some humour into the label design and celebrate everything Northern Irish. The candles are hand poured with my fair and over sanitized hands and the design incorporates a subtle Northern Ireland back drop with a range of candle appropriate and I hope ‘witty’ lingo.

At the end of the day I’m just a person standing in front of another person and asking them to become my customer. Just kidding, I totally know that’s from Notting Hill.

Picture of a child releasing a butterfly